Acute cases require stat attention

Zebra’s triage efforts are focused on helping institutions leverage the power of AI in acute situations where algorithms can help flag and prioritize cases. Zebra’s triage algorithms are integrated with the worklist that radiologists use to select studies to review. Radiologists will now see cases that are flagged by Zebra for review. To start, Zebra is addressing two conditions: intracranial hemorrhages on head CTs and pneumothorax on chest X-rays. Zebra will be adding more algorithms to enhance both the x-ray and CT acute findings capabilities.

From FIFO based worklist to AI based worklist

Over 80% time saved to get to the acute cases

How it works

Zebra’s worklist integration occurs in the background as scans are being forwarded to the Zebra server for analysis. Zebra’s insights are then sent directly to the worklist for prioritizing using an HL7 message. The study’s priority may change based on the finding.

Triage flow illustration

Zebra Medical Vision is HIPPA and GDPR compliant and has the organizational and technical measures in place to fulfil its fundamental requirements.
Zebra’s AI analysis is performed on de-identified studies, while keeping personal health information (PHI) safe and private.
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