All-In-One AI Solutions

Experience Zebra’s growing range of AI solutions:
One company, one customer service, and a wide range of AI products for radiology, integrated into YOUR workflow.

The product

Zebra’s Imaging Analytics Engine receives imaging scans from various modalities and automatically analyzes them for a number of different clinical findings, in a timely manner and full synergy with radiology workflow.

The technology

Zebra uses a proprietary database of millions of imaging scans, along with machine and deep learning tools, to create software that analyzes data in real time with human level accuracy – providing radiologists the assistance they need to manage ever growing workloads, without sacrificing quality.

Value based care

Providers use Zebra to alert them of patients at high risk of cardiovascular, lung, bone and other diseases. This facilitates preventative care programs, proper risk adjustments and allocation, as well as conformance with quality standards such as MACRA.
With Zebra – focus can be provided to the right patients, at the right time – saving overall costs while improving care.

Our Imaging Analytics Engine uncovers brain, lung, liver, cardiovascular and bone disease in CT scans , 40 different conditions in X-rays scans, and breast cancer in 2D mammograms with an ever growing pipeline.

Zebra’s AI1 is an All-in-One AI offering that allows radiologists to experience all of Zebra’s AI solutions at a flat transparent fee.
Given our growing number of solutions we guarantee a rate of up to $1/scan, and provide all our current and future AI driven algorithmic capabilities while maintaining an All-in-One model.