Coronary Calcium Scoring

The Algorithm

Zebra’s Coronary Calcium Scoring algorithm automatically calculates Coronary Calcium Scores based on standard, non-contrast Chest CTs. This tool can provide early detection of people at high risk of severe cardiovascular events.

About Coronary Calcium Scoring

Coronary artery calcium is a biomarker of coronary artery disease – and quantification of coronary calcification is a strong predictor for cardiovascular events such as heart attack or strokes.

Conventional coronary calcium scoring has required dedicated cardiac, ECG gated CT performed with and without contrast. Recently, the reliable derivation of coronary calcium score has been obtained algorithmically from low dose chest CT data (Isgum et al. 2012); the automatically derived score was predictive of cardiovascular events in a large cohort of individuals undergoing CT lung cancer screening.

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